Physiotherapists specially trained in the APPI Modified Pilates Method

Pilates is type of exercise that focuses on increasing muscle that will stabilize and support the lumbar spine, hips and pelvis. Benefits of this core strength are improved balance, posture and control.

Pilates consists of strengthening, mobility and stretching exercises to help resolve weaknesses, restore range of movement and rectify over activity of muscles, therefore correcting malalignment and restoring normal movement patterns. This can help to both prevent and rehabilitate injuries and issues of the neck, shoulders, spine, hip, knees and foot and ankle.

Our Treatment Plans

Physiotherapist Led Pilates
At Balbriggan Physiotherapy clinic we have Physiotherapists specially trained in the APPI Modified Pilates Method. As physiotherapists teaching Pilates they have a unique understanding of how the body moves and an in-depth knowledge of postural problems. The APPI Pilates Method was designed by Physiotherapists for use in the rehabilitation setting to aid recovery and prevent future injury.

We offer one-to-one Pilates sessions in the clinic. During a one-to-one session your individual needs will be assessed, we will look at your movement as well as your muscle control and then prescribe a targeted exercise programme specifically designed for your needs.

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